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In a world of disruption

Are you ready for change?

Hi I am Mette

Professional Coach &

Emotional Intelligence Practitioner


I am an educator at heart wanting to serve and grow individuals so they can realise their potential and their ambitions.


Education most often prepares us for exams and the world of work but from my observations working with, education, government and corporations this is no longer enough to prepare us for a world in change.


We need to upgrade our soft skills to grow as individuals, communities and societies.  Mimir Global do this by providing courses and programmes in Emotional Intelligence and coaching ranging from entry-level courses to professional qualifications.


2020 is a year where we all feel how external factors can change the way we live in the blink of an eye.  















I have not been immune to this. I have moved Mimir Consulting from Guangzhou China to Denmark as Mimir Global. Despite the 8000km move my mission remains the same and am looking forward to working more internationally and online to fit individual and organisational needs.


CoachingEmotional Intelligence  - Team Coaching  -  Personal Development


This is what I do and is essential for growth and resilience during this 4th Industrial Revolution where upskilling, reskilling and emotional resilience will be key for personal happiness and stability. Covid-19 have changed our lives but we will be facing other changes in the coming years from technology which Covid has accelerated, climate change and policies and global economical shifts.

As Individuals, many of these impacts are outside our control, but we can improve our Emotional Intelligence and use this skill to make a difference and manage the immediate environment we live and work in.

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

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We are all born alone. However, human beings are great at building bridges. We do it all the time: we build bridges to communicate with others, to solve problems, to go from A to B. As we developed in technology, we have been able to build more and stronger bridges, bridges we can rely on, bridges that can survive all kinds of circumstances.

That is what we want to believe though. The reality is closer to what happened to Choluteca Bridge, a strong 484-metre bridge in Honduras. Even though it could survive the unstable weather in the area, after a hurricane, the river changed its course. Now the bridge seems useless.

Right when we think we know all the answers, the questions have been replaced. We have all heard that, but now we experience that more than ever. Covid-19 is just one of the real examples of the constant disruption we will face. We learned from Heraclitus, panta rei: everything changes. So how do we survive in this environment?  When uncertainty is the only certainty, how do we thrive?

We are forced into transition. The problem is transition comes with loss — something came to an end, it’s the loss of a period and everything it represented to us. Not only there is a feeling of loss of a world we were familiar with, but also a fear of stepping into the unknown. That’s why it’s so difficult to change, yet not impossible.

Transitions are unavoidable and they present us with unique opportunities for growth. We can take charge of a lifelong learning journey and learn to grow in these moments.

So, what can we practically do? We can develop a growth mindset and focus on the things in our environment we can control. Our thinking and mindset being one of the most powerful tools we process. It can however be difficult to take the first step especially if the emotions of anger, guilt, denial, frustration is the daily climate you are navigating.

This is why at Mimir Global I work with Emotional Intelligence to work with our emotions who impact our behaviour, decision-making and performance, and coaching to develop means of constructive communication when navigating the internal and external world we are living in.

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“No doubt that Mimir has steered my life and career in the directions of my dreams. After completing 5 levels of training - I am now living inside my Vision Board. My life has completely transformed and I am ever grateful for Mimir”

Zan-Mari Serfontein,

Co-Founder VeganVisa

“Mimir Consulting provides a platform for learning and growth that I have used for my employees. I can definitely observe the value and change it has given.

Personally, I’m happy to follow the WeChat groups that give inspiration and also relevant information.”

Niels Jensen,
         CIT (Guangzhou) Innovation & Technology Co., Ltd.

”Participating in Mimir Consulting training helped me to start my self-development journey after that nothing has been the same! The training and guidance have been super valuable in understanding personal and business values, goals and communicating between individuals. Highly recommend Mimir Consulting!“​

Sara Jaaksola,

CEO Expat Chinese