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Transformational Learning is the key to thrive in a changing world.

Mette Pausgaard

MA - Education / BA - Business Management / PGCE and QTS -Teaching status UK /Transcend Certifed Training in ICF Coaching, Masters level /Team coaching Certificate / Emotional Logic Practitioner /GENOS International Practitioner

Hi, I'm Mette Pausgaard and

Founder of Mimir Global


This is my Story


I am an educator at heart, with a mission to serve and grow individuals so they can fulfil their life and their ambitions. Education most often prepares us for exams and the world of work but from my observations working with, education, government and corporations this is no longer enough to prepare us for a world of change. We need to upgrade our soft skills to grow as individuals, communities and societies.


2020 is a year of changes and I have not been immune to this. I have faced a few challenging months with some hard decisions which mean I have moved Mimir Consulting from Guangzhou China to Denmark as Mimir Global. Despite the 8000km move my mission remains the same and am looking forward to working more internationally and online to fit individual and organisational needs.


CoachingEmotional Intelligence  - Team Coaching  -  Personal Development


This is what I do and is essential for growth and resilience during this 4th Industrial Revolution where upskilling, reskilling and emotional resilience will be key for personal happiness and stability.


I started my career as an Educator and as an ICT teacher, I became very aware of how fast our world is changing and how we need to prepare ourselves. As an educator, I involved myself in a project “Learn to Talk” based on Guy Claxton’s work Building Learning Power. Learning is an imperative skill in a world of change, but we are rarely taught how we learn.


My passion for growing individuals removed me from the classroom and into the world of corporate training starting in the UK with conflict resolution and later to China. This ignited my growth, as I realised some key skills which education often fails to equip us with. Coaching develops constructive conversations to clarify goals and move from A to B with a growth mindset.  Emotional Intelligence so we can navigate failure, change and disruption constructively to regain focus and bounce back from setbacks.


I have had the pleasure to work with amazing professionals within government organisations to share my insights and knowledge within the Chinese education system in professional development training.


Worked on implementing change management projects.  Written and developed an entry-level personal development programme as the first step to personal growth for individuals to find focus and fulfil their mission. Kicked off a start-up project based around e-learning and STEM   (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths), fit for the 4th Industrial Revolution.

Coaching and Emotional Intelligence are two key skills I believe are essential for everyone in a global and changing world. I over years held talks about coaching and when approached for recommendations about where to coach or what it meant to be a professional coach, I always gave my support and recommendations. Over time this meant that there was a group of developing and qualified coaches the community was unaware of.

This is why in 2017 I started Coaching Coffee in Guangzhou China for this group to grow together. From here with the support from the local coaches, the wider Guangzhou community and support from my coaching mentors in Hong Kong the Coaching community grew in Guangzhou. Today this is a community still in growth and great to see how this has made a difference.


Having the opportunity to be part of TEDx Xiguan to hold a talk about Psychological safety was a true experience.


I am an educator at heart who supports and serves. If I see potential, I lend opportunities, insights and contacts where possible to allow for the potential to prosper. My danish DNA comes with a level of humbleness Janteloven has instilled in me. Some of my core values are integrity, growth and gratitude. We are all guided by our core values and just as organisations are driven by values, we as individuals need to tune inward to find our compass and mission in life so we can live a fulfilled and happy life.


Integrity for me is as fundamental as trust, psychological safety is based on this. Where there are trust and psychological safety there is room for exponential growth.