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Turning love and loss into growth

Dec 13, 2021

We live a life full of love and loss, from the minor daily frustrations to life’s darkest moments. We live in a complex physical and social ecosystem, in the context of how we grew up and the life we have led. We navigate this complex external and internal chaos daily, trying to reason and manage our way through the feelings we are experiencing by trying to find our place and meaning with this chaos.

Most have in the last couple of years experienced some form of loss big or small in relation to the pandemic. From losing structure in one’s daily life, not being able to see friends and loved ones, cancelled birthdays or other life events. Every time we encounter a loss, we are feeling and navigating our inner emotional climate. Consciously or unconsciously.

How can we find meaning in chaos?

First, we need to stop, breathe, and focus on the present, just be and observe with objective awareness, feel, and connect with our body. Do you need an object to help you with this then make yourself your favourite cup of tea, coffee, or other preferably hot beverage but we can also work with a cold drink?

Now just be present with the beverage you have just made yourself, smell the aroma, taste the flavour connect with your senses and the feelings this is releasing in you. There is no right or wrong just you are having a mindful drink connecting with yourself.

Secondly, we need to embark on a learning journey to understand our inner world of emotions and how they are a positive part of who we are. Emotions are neither good nor bad they just want to feel understood for their existence, purpose and to be listened to. They are the voice of your core values. This is where the key to our personal growth resides. We need to find our place in life’s chaos and challenges, big and small. We need to be curious about what our emotions are trying to tell us and the purpose they serve.
Sometimes our emotions are trying to talk to us at the same time and their intended meaning becomes difficult to understand. Like a group of people talking at the same time, it becomes chaotic, and we need to find order, so we can focus with presence on what each person is saying. When we find clarity of what each emotion is trying to say we can navigate through the chaos.

Thirdly, we need to embark on this lifelong learning journey with compassion. Compassion for ourselves, our nearest and dearest and all the humans we interact with during our lifetime. Chaos will be a constant in our life, but to navigate this with curiosity and compassion will allow for love and compassionate connections to thrive, even when we are facing our daily frustrations and life’s darkest moments.

Are you ready to turn life’s love and losses into growth?

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