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Developing unique human skills will be the difference between keeping up with change or being left behind in the race to reskill and upskill. On a professional and personal level. Mimir’s founder is not just a facilitator, her background is grounded in years of educational research and application as well as in human behaviour as a professional educator. Making people perform and the transfer of learning in different context and cultures is an art and not science we must all learn to master in a world of change. Mimir is here to support individuals and organisations to develop the skills needed to not only perform in the workplace but to thrive in your personal life too. 

Course curriculum

  • 01

    Who is Mimir?

    • Welcome to Mimir Global Online

    • The founder of Mimir Global

  • 02

    Are you ready for Change?

    • How future ready are you?

    • What is the Fourth Industrial Revolution?

    • Reflection

    • Do you have the skills it takes?

    • Skills needed to perform in a world of change

    • EI in a World of AI

  • 03

    Applied Emotional Intelligence

    • What difference does Emotional Intelligence make?

    • Person 1

    • How well does this person?

    • How likely will you?

    • Person 2

    • The person 2 you have just identified how well do this person:

    • How likely will you?

    • How well do you do this in your opinion?

    • Final Insight

    • Whats next?