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Emotional Intelligence

The skills to invest in to thrive in a future of change.

We live in an age of disruption and change. Technology is advancing and the world is facing a new reality. This is a course Mimir Global's founder have made to give you a practical online course to develop the one skill for you to thrive and perform. At Mimir Global, we believe in action. You will have access to the online videos and guidance for 14 days after purchase and access to the course. You will have a downloadable workbook which you keep once downloaded. All true learning is about action, application and change in behaviour. This is why the content is boiled down to the essence so you can get on to apply and change!

Course curriculum

  • 02

    Expectations and Content

    • Welcome to Introduction to Emotional Intelligence

  • 03

    The role of Emotional Intelligence

    • 1. Introduction to Emotional Intelligence

    • 1. Insight and Action

  • 04

    The role of Emotions

    • 2. The role of Emotion

    • 2. Insight and Action

  • 05

    Emotional Journey

    • 3. Emotional Journey

    • 3. Insight and Action

  • 06

    Managing Emotions

    • 4. Managing Emotions

    • 4. Insight and Action

  • 07

    Identifying Emotions

    • 5. Identifying Emotions

    • 5. Insight and Action

  • 08

    Emotional Hygiene

    • 6. Emotional Hygiene

    • Insight and Action

  • 09

    Emotional First Aid

    • 7. Emotional First Aid

    • 7. Insight and Action

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