Feeling disrupted? Get focused!

Disruption is part of life and being pushed outside our comfort zone is something which many will work hard to avoid. In business, there are competition and forces which means you need to be prepared to be disrupted and pushed outside your comfort zone. Why most businesses have a SWOT (Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats.) analysis. But how often do we look at yourself as a leader running our lives, families and job roles with this in mind?

Strength and Weaknesses are all about what is internal to yourself, our team or organisation.

Opportunities and Threats are all about external forces and the environment we are living in. Sometimes these Threats will come when we least expect it and we are not prepared, and it can disrupt everything from our health to our livelihood.

I myself who live in China are currently being disrupted by the current outbreak. So, when we are faced with threats and disruption what can we do. First, we need to adopt a growth mindset and focus on what is within your control.

There are things which are outside our control and some which are within our control. Currently, some of the news and social media you read may make you feel fearful but focus on what you can control rather than what you can’t.

Feeling scared, nervous and uncomfortable is normal when faced with disruption and uncertainty. You may also feel anger and frustration as you are not able to execute or able to do the things you had planned or were expecting to do.

When faced with a virus sweeping the country and stuck at home trying to follow social media and news for updates. What is in your control is to ensure you are following news and information which comes from reliable sources. Make sure you have a safe tribe and network around you to feel psychologically safe.

If you are in groups or on social media which you find doesn’t serve you.  It is within your control to remove yourself from them.

The first concern most will face is their own and loved one's physical health. You have more control than you may think. You can ensure you follow the recommended guidelines to wear masks if it is essential you have to go out and avoid crowded areas. Make sure you wash your hands often with soap, warm water and use hand sanitiser where possible.

Who you see, meet and surround yourself with is in your control and so is your personal hygiene?

You may find you are bored being home especially if you are living on your own. We are however very fortunate that we are living in a connected world with the internet available. So, stay in contact with the people who matters to you. Take the opportunity to use this time to connect with the people who matter to you. Share with them how grateful you are for them to be in your life.

Spend time with yourself and maybe take that online course or read that book you never get around to do. It is within your control to use this current external disruption and make it into your opportunity to develop yourself.

Are you in business and a business owner facing disruption this may also be a time where you can reflect over your business model and find learning lessons and opportunities to strengthen in the long term?

When faced with disruption and uncertainty we need to focus on what is within our control. This does not mean we have to ignore what is outside our control but use it to inform our decisions of what is within based on your mission, values and purpose you or your business have.

Focus on your goal and this may be an obstacle on the path towards your goal, but it will teach you valuable lessons and insights. Use these learning lessons to adjust and refocus.

Focus on what you can do to make a difference!

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