Leading through VUCA

We are entering the robot economy and what does this mean in numbers? It is estimated that 2.5 Million Robots will be deployed in 2019 It is an 12% average annual Growth Rate since 2014 . IFR (International Federation of Robotics) According to World Economic Forum 7.1 Million Jobs will be lost due to redundancy, automation or disintermediation by 2020. 50% of all jobs today could be automated by 2055 McKinsey So, these are the numbers from research and reports but what does it really mean in reality? What needs to be done and how can we prepare for the VUCA (Volatile, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity) scenario that are presented to us? How can we prepare for uncertainty and change at a pace which in itself is VUCA? The first thing that we must do is to focus on our Locus of control. This is related to what is within our control and what is outside of our control. Once we realise that we have the control, we can make choices to decide how we can react and navigate what comes our way. The Circle of control contains the internal factors which are operated by our thinking and attitude. The Circle which control things outside our control deals with external factors.

To truly lead with the application of VUCA, we need to master our thinking, emotions and mindsets. This needs to start with self-awareness and developing our self. When we evolve with robots and work in teams with robots, what makes us uniquely human is that we have an edge over the robots in that we can navigate the world of VUCA.  We need to learn and adapt faster, and we not only need to ensure that we prepare the current workforce but more importantly, the future workforce to change and adapt mindsets in order to work together with bots and evolving technology.  The formal Education is only slowly beginning to wise up to the importance of learning these skillsets. Its never too late to start learning and knowing. If you wish to gain a competitive edge for the future, do follow Mimir Globals social media at the bottom of this page. It will keep you up to date with courses, events and communities which can help and support you to fulfil your potential in a world of change.

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