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Updated: Mar 22

Change fascinated me even as a kid, I use to watch The Flintstones and The Jetsons. I was very fascinated with what happens in the gap between The Flintstones and The Jetsons how do we change and evolve.


One was set in the past which I had learned from in history so this I could understand but the future was never featured in the curriculum I followed at school. Jetsons, for this reason, fascinated me, because this could be a future, I may live in one day. People travelled in pods, jetpacks and had robot maids. Many cartoons and films have after been trying to do the same but how well do they actually predict the changes which are happening?  We are often curious and excited about what the future may bring coupled with some fear and worry about the uncertainty.

I am feeling very grateful to be living in a city where things are moving and changing at a super-fast pace. Living in an area of the city where most of the buildings are 30-100+ floors high. In the last few years, the use of notes and coins have more or less been replaced with QR codes and electronic wallets.



New things happen all the time and new things pop up all the time and last week the taxi drones have arrived. Only a few weeks before they actually arrived, I had a discussion in one of my lessons about being future-ready. In a year’s time, we may be seeing flying drones like in the Jetsons outside the 57th floor of my facilitation/training room. This now seems like it may not be a too far-fetched reality.

新事物层出不穷。上周,无人驾驶出租车出现了。也就在他们真正到来的几周前,我在我其中一堂课上讨论了如何为未来做好准备。一年后,我们可能会看到像在《杰森一家》(the Jetsons)里那样的无人机,在我57层的辅导/培训室外飞行。现在看来,这似乎不是一个太牵强的现实,以前的幻想也逐渐步向实现。

I have watched the future being created around me for the last 8 years living in a tier 1 city in China. From building being 3 stories into the group to towering 50 floors into the sky.

So, when our environment is changing at such a pace how do we keep up with this change. Change is inevitable but it does also impact our life in sometimes predictable ways, but other times comes by a surprise. In my last article, we talked about the future of work and what we need to invest in our own learning.



We need to understand ourselves better than ever to be able to adapt to a world of change. Key to this is to understand our core values. These serve a compass which guides us, and goals will set our direction. We can all set a goal but to understand all the elements of setting a goal and actually achieve it is sometimes a different matter. It is rarely a straight and linear process. To manage the ups and downs takes self-awareness and resilience.


It is an exciting and uncertain future we are facing to navigate this we need to adopt growth mindsets to adapt to our surroundings. The past may have many lovely memories and does not mean we should forget but we are constantly moving to the future and your presence and your future will be the reality.  Embrace it and do your bit to grow and develop to make a difference in the future.


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