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Updated: Mar 22

What roles do empathy play in harmonious relationships for higher performance and healthy relationships? Empathy has an essential role in social relationships. When you are empathetic, you will have an understanding of another person’s feelings, thinking from their point of view and not your own. Not just to be sympathetic by cognitively understand another’s point of view but to engage emotions for an empathetic understanding of a topic.


Is empathy good for business? Often business is portrayed as it is hard and tough who survive and make it. There is plenty of research and evidence to support that companies who are high on empathy are also top-performing companies. Tapping into and understanding stakeholders on different levels support staff engagement and customer sales and satisfaction.

同感对企业有好处吗?人们常常把生意描述成艰难困苦的生存和成功。 有大量研究和证据支持具有较高同理心的公司也是表现最佳的公司。 在不同层次上利用和理解利益相关者,可以支持员工敬业度以及客户销售和满意度。

So how do we do this, many companies will focus on hiring the most qualified and brightest and this was also a strategy used by Google they, however, started to research into what makes a high performing team. What they found was that it wasn’t the IQ scores of the team but the teams which showed a range of soft skills including; Equality, generosity, curiosity towards others ideas, empathy and emotional intelligence. It was summarized as the term psychological safety.

因此,我们该如何做,许多公司将专注于雇用最资格和最聪明的人才,这也是Google所采用的策略,也是他们开始研究打造一支高绩效团队 的原因。他们发现,不是团队的智商得分,而是表现出一系列软技能的团队,包括。平等,慷慨,对其他想法的好奇心,同理心和情绪智力。 它被概括为术语心理安全。

How do we start to develop more psychologically safe and empathetic environments around us? Well first we will have to want to do it or we will come across as fake and lacking authenticity. We need to develop trust and empathy for everyone around us and to be a role model to enable a culture where psychological safety can grow.

我们如何开始发展更心理安全和善解人意的环境?首先,我们将不得不这样做,否则我们将以假货和缺乏真实性而遇到。 我们需要为周围的每个人建立信任和同情心,并成为榜样,以建立一种心理安全可以发展的文化。

Can we be too empathetic? Can it be a double-edged sword? If in an environment where there is a lack of psychological safety and a person keeps being empathetic in an environment where it is little given. (See also the article on Give and Take) This person can eventually result in suffering from Compassion fatigue and or eventually burnout.


What can be done? If you are working in a culture that is causing you compassion fatigue or burnout it is important to exercise empathy towards yourself and self-care.



If you are facing uncertainty as an individual, organization or community do your best to be empathetic curious and understanding of other's needs. Even if you do not necessarily agree with their viewpoint. Listen to understand not to judge or criticize.


Like many individuals, businesses and communities in China are currently facing isolation, stress and uncertainty unite around empathy. Many great acts around China have already been shared. Communities uniting and supporting each other in a crisis show the core of humanity which is compassion. However, survival is strongest so be empathetic to your employees, employers, landlords, teachers, and children. Everyone is feeling something and sometimes fear is expressed as anger so don’t judge too fast. How can you listen empathically to others?



Please watch before reading on

"Could a greater miracle take place than for us to look through each other's eyes for an instant."

Henry David Thoreau

How do we practice Empathetic listening?


What blocks Empathetic listening:

· Downplaying: Ohh don’t fuss about it. I am sure it isn’t that bad.

· Denial: There is nothing to be upset about. Everything is OK.

· Reasoning: Don’t fuss over it. Can’t you see they didn’t try to hurt you?

· The expectation: You should have known better.

· Put down: Don’t be silly

· Diagnosing: You are overreacting and being too sensitive


·       轻描淡写: 哦,别大惊小怪的。我肯定没有那么糟糕。

·       否认: 没什么好难过的。一切都是好的。

·       理由:不要大惊小怪。难道你看不出来他们并不想伤害你吗?

·       期望:您应该了解得更多。

·       放下:别傻了

·       诊断:您反应过度并且过于敏感

What supports Empathetic listening:

· It is not about you

· Paraphrase to check for understanding

· Listen to understand

· Put judgments and your agenda aside

· Listen with all of your senses

· Be interested

· Turn off and remove distractions


·       与你无关

·       释义以检查是否理解

·       听懂

·       将判断和议程搁置一旁

·       尽全力聆听

·       感兴趣

·       关闭并消除干扰

Bring awareness of the level of empathy you are using when communicating with others. Grow more awareness as you are communicating online, with your colleagues and community. Grow empathy and self-care for yourself and everyone around you, this is a bug worth catching to support higher performance.

与他人交流时,将意识提高到同理心。与同事和社区在线交流时,可以提高人们的意识。培养对自己和周围人的同情和自我照顾, 这是一个值得抓住的错误,以支持更高的表现。

Everyone is fighting a battle you know nothing about.


Be kind,




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