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Updated: Apr 21

To all dear followers, First I hope you and your loved ones are safe and bracing this current disruption by looking after yourself and others by following your local authorities advice and will differ depending on where you are currently based on our planet earth. To all of you who have been following Mimir and myself Mette you will know most of the articles I have written over the years is about disruption and how to prepare for a future of change. Wow! has this world just felt the disruption shockwave across the globe!   The talks, corporate training courses and programme “Learning Leader” I have written and run for the last many years in Guangzhou China with its foundation in Emotional Intelligence, Coaching and Conflict resolution skills. We all have to master these skills not only become more emotionally resilient to weather this storm but also to unite against a common force despite differences.

I am as everyone else not totally immune to disruption and therefore been very quiet for many weeks. As the virus took hold mid-January I was in Guangzhou China holding a goal-setting retreat just outside Guangzhou. After this retreat, I decided to go into voluntary lockdown like many others across China. As the weeks passed and the situation was getting worse, heavier restriction became part of daily life. Uncertainty on many levels started to knock on the door. My children had gone to Malaysia for Chinese New Year with their dad and in China flights getting cancelled by the hour. It was time to take some hard decisions. It was now my dinosaur fight - flight - freeze response was put to the test. I have to manage my dinosaur/emotions and let my owl/logical brain do most of the work.

I decided to go to Denmark to weather the storm in China. It did mean having to fly to the other side of the globe from my children and put myself into a self-imposed 2-week quarantine as Denmark though at this time it was not compulsory or even advised as  COVID-19 was not seen as a serious threat. In constant communication with my business partners, friends and customers in China I took some time out to just observe and take in the different reactions and opinions from many different world leaders and also to reflect on how this will impact Mimir, myself and children. My children started their Chinese school in Malaysia and though I can't hug and kiss them I am grateful for modern technology that I can be in touch with them daily. As an educator, I am very impressed as to how fast the Chinese government mobilised online learning for all of China and it isn’t just education work also fast mobilised to go online across China. 

DejaVu! Denmark is locking down! Everything the world over is changing by the hour. So needless to say, I am personally back to practising the tools I teach through Mimir. Though this time I was more prepared than when I was sat in China 3-4 weeks earlier. The situation is still developing by the hour here in Denmark and who knows what the future will bring in the coming weeks. Though I am personally torn by being separated from my kids I am now close to my parents who are both in the age group of greatest risk of COVID-19.  

So, I have decided to launch Mimir Online. In China though things are slowly getting back to new normal there are still many preautions and restrictions in place having offline lessons will also be a challenge online will be how Mimir will need to operate for the foreseeable future. Mimir has already held some lessons online and more will be published soon for you to join from the comfort of your own home. If you are disrupted and not in China make sure you also follow Mimir and Mette on social media outside China. While the world is adjusting and fighting this common threat to health and economy please do make sure you practice hygiene. Personal hygiene: 

  1. Handwash for 20sec, hand sanitizer, cough in your elbow (elbow bump though recommended as a handshake seems counterproductive after coughing in it.) 

  2. Social distancing 1-2 meters between people and face masks (if it applies to the country you are in)

Emotional Hygiene:

  1. May are going though things which you may not understand. You may feel scared and worried and less rational as you normally would. This is all normal if your emotions are triggered. Please be understanding to others and practice empathy.

  2. Limit the time you spent on watching news, over time this may raise anxiety and worry. 

  3. Focus on what is within your control and accept that this is a storm which will eventually pass.

Again, I thank you for following Mimir and I hope to see you online soon! Make sure you look after yourself, your loved ones and your community. 加油!and practice good hygiene!

                                          Lots of caring thoughts,

Mette Pausgaard Founder and CEO of Mimir Consulting

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