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Updated: May 18

Growing future leaders in a world change to make a difference is Mimir’s mission. I started in Guangzhou China in 2017.

After having lived in Guangzhou for 5 years I took the leap into Entrepreneurship in China where I have networked and gained many valuable insights and connections.

So I started my career as an educator in England. I taught Information Communication Technology and realised early in my career how fast things are changing. I got involved in projects about learning to learn and conflict resolution. My moment of realisation came during a corporate training session in the UK. I realised there is a skill set which is rarely taught in formal education which we all need to learn to improve our own performance and the ones around us. More about this later.

So, over the years I also realised my realisation and insights from when I worked in the U.K. is something we all have to adapt to and find solutions for.

We live in a VUCA (Volatile, Uncertainty, Complexity, Ambiguity) world and to perform in a world like this we have to focus more on what we can control and how to adapt to fast-changing situations.

Here is an article by FORBES if you like to know more about the term VUCA.

So, to adapt to these fast-changing environments what are the skills we need? To understand this let’s look at some predictions and future work reports by The World Economic Forum.

Learning is going to be a key factor in how we will be able to adapt but it is not not just learning but to adapt learners and develop a growth mindset.

Key skills we also need are to work with more complex scenarios here is a list a picture to show the skills we need to develop to perform in a world of change.

About Mimir Global

If we look at some of these skills what the majority of these have in common is the need for higher cognitive functions to be developed. This becomes very complex as we have all been programmed with values and beliefs throughout our lives. To reprogram and rewire takes time, sometimes pain and effort.

So where do we start?

Let’s, look at Learning which is a complex process and a lifelong journey. Learning does not always take place in the formal classroom or institutions. Learning happens everywhere and in different contexts and sometimes comes in form of a rough and painful journey but is part of our life and forms us into who we are as a person. When we experience tough learning lessons this is often when we need resilience to keep moving towards our goals.

This is why Emotional Intelligence, Coaching and Conflict resolution the foundation of every programme, course, talk or workshop that I do. I apply these core fundamentals skills to different contexts like Self-leadership, Teambuilding, parenting etc.

Emotional Intelligence and Coaching are two core skills which I am passionate about. As during my training in both of these disciplines I have grown as a person as a result of it.

Emotional Intelligence because it impacts all areas of our lives. If we can’t understand our emotions then they become difficult to control and may result in destructive or unproductive behaviour. How we “show up” is how we can have an impact on the people we are in contact with on a daily basis. This is also why I qualified as a GENOS International Practitioner. Coaching is my other passion as this is a skill which can support us to examine and explore the options we have to reach our goals with focus and clarity of the obstacles we may need to face and navigate before achieving our goal. My qualifications are ICF (International Coaching Federation) accredited and I have lead and worked with the community in Guangzhou to raise awareness of coaching.

Learning is key for our future and with a background in education and IT, I am now working on developing learning for individuals and organisations in a global world of change. So the work I use to do in Guangzhou I am now working on doing online and Globally.

Knowledge is available to all of us. There are books, videos, journals, podcasts available to everyone so what is stopping you?

Having the knowledge is not enough as one famous quote says we must apply. Mimir is here to support you and/or your team to find the right learning journey for you to find your learning zone which sits between your comfort and panic zone.

As Mimir is going Global and Online these are the 3 current methods of learning with Mimir.

Learning is a process and for this Mimir offer different online learning solutions for from entry-level self-development to professional qualifications to suit different budgets.

Learning is an active process and when learning with Mimir your will be encouraged to be mindful about your learning and to remember this is you or your teams learning journey and you are the one driving and in charge at all times.

What do Mimir Offer?

Entry-level self-development - Online on Demand Learning, Group sessions, 1-1 mentoring or coaching sessions.

Professional self-development - GENOS International Assessment, 1-1 Coaching sessions, Tailored personal learning journeys. Team Coaching, Team building learning journeys. Context written workshops or talks.

Professional Qualifications - Mimir partner with organisations so you can get international recognised credentials.

Topics Mimir Global cover:

· Emotional Intelligence

· Coaching

· China Insights

· Cultural awareness

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