Do you feel disrupted and need to find your focus?

  • Feeling things are changing around you and you have no control?

  • You are facing uncertainty and not too sure what to do next?

  • Want to make changes in your life but not too sure where to start?

I have over the last few years in China been teaching a programme called "Learning Leader" I build this programme for individuals who want to take their first step into self-development. It is designed with the future in mind and for anyone who has a leadership role in their life. A leader in my definition is not based on a job title or position. It is based on the followers and role model you are to the people you have in your life.

As 2020 have brought many changes to most doorstep including myself where I had to relocate to Denmark and restart my business. 


I have redesigned and rewritten my course and condensed an essential part of this programme. It will soon become available as online learning in two formats. Stand alone online learning you can do in your own time or blended learning with zoom classes which I will facilitate.

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You will also get access to a free sample of the workbook.


Thanks for your interest in Mimir Global's course!