Skills for a future in change

Coaching and Emotional Intelligence


At Mimir Global, I believe Professional Coaching and Emotional Intelligence should be possible for most to afford and access.

This is why I at Mimir Global have developed entry-level courses and online learning to make these 21st Century skills convenient for you, so you can navigate and develop your potential at work and with your loved ones. Even when the world is in disruption and change.



We need to develop resilient and agile organisations who can adapt and withstand the challenges a world in change and disruption.

Currently, the world is facing a pandemic; it is changing the way we work and will accelerate some of the challenges many organisations already were facing. Upskilling and reskilling their workforce to adapt to technological changes.

In a world where AI and technology are on the up, it is important to equip humans with unique human skills like coaching and emotional intelligence like much future work reports points out. This will allow for better communication and resilience to navigate these future challenges.