As a foundation in education Mimir Global’s founder realised we need more human skills to perform. This is also why Mimir Global does not only work with corporate organisations but also in the community to spread the knowledge and grow communities that nurture self-development. Mimir Global is a member of the ICF and belong to the Professional Coaching Community. Coaching is a word we often hear but what does it actually mean? Read article for more information. 

In China Mimir’s founder Mette developed a unique training series called Learning Leader. It was a combination of self-reflective learnings and key skills training. It allowed many of her students to start their own businesses or grow their businesses making a substantial difference in their professional life. 


Mimir Global wants to continue this training  online and connect the world in a combination of on demand and online class learning with webinars and events to bring the global community together creating a safe learning environment where global citizens can grow and learn together. 


Working and learning together in a global environment gives insights into many different opinions and thinking. When learning in a growth mindset environment we also allow our self to grow and develop growth mindsets to learn with curiosity. 


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Emotional Intelligence is what controls our operating system and has a direct impact on our decisions, behaviour and performance.

Professional Coaching and member of ICF International Coaching Federation ensures the highest standard in coaching which adhere to standards like other professional bodies.

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