Sometimes we need to transform to thrive

When life hands you a challenge, make sure you have the mental tools to navigate your career and relationship challenges.



What is Transformative Learning

We are all different this is why I will work with you, to develop a personalised journey that fits you.

1-1 transformative learning normally takes place over 3 or 6, 1-hour sessions.

I will use a combination of:

  • Coaching
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Emotional Logic
  • Teaching

and will use the tools that will fit the results you are looking for.

Book a free discovery call to find out how Transformative Learning can support you.




Learn logical tools to understand your mental patterns.




Find your focus and take action




Maintain, transform and thrive


Are you ready to take action? To take the first step to transform?

Learners who have transformed with Mette at Mimir Global.

We scheduled our discovery call which was very inspiring and built my trust 
 in Mette .
Although helping clients for marketing themselves wasn't her niche,she created a special 
programe for me.
This really touched my heart,making me feel special.
The sessions were well stuctured and gave me great insights into marketing strategies.
Mette has great warm positive energy,always motivating her clients
towards their goal achievement.




“No doubt that Mimir has steered my life and career in the directions of my dreams. After completing 5 levels of training - I am now living inside my Vision Board. My life has completely transformed and I am ever grateful for Mimir”

Zan-Mari Serfontein,
Co-Founder VeganVisa



‘’Before I started my journey of growth with Mette in Guangzhou, China, two years ago, I was unconsciously looking for “the piece” that was missing in my life. I felt stuck at that moment and had no idea how to change it because I couldn’t understand what exactly was wrong.

During the course I have mainly learned to understand myself and others better. And therefore, to improve the relationships with my family, friends and acquaintances. I have found out some practical tips helping to effectively communicate with people and to support them on their personal journey. I have also discovered what are the most important things for me in life, how to make responsible choices and deal with difficult situations happening on my way.

I feel like I have became a better person in overall, and I’m still on that journey of growth. I literally feel different, more confident and in peace with who I am and what I truly want in life. I feel more grateful for what I got in life and more ready to make needed changes which can improve the quality of my life.

Mette has made a big positive impact in a difficult moment in my life. She has helped me to make a needed transitioning my career and supported me on that way. She has guided and inspired me through the whole process to find the direction where I needed to move and ways in which I can reach my new, more meaningful and relevant goals. I am very grateful for her teachings and advices on my way to become a better self.”